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Women's studies majors
on occasion
tend to blow my mind

On anger:
females need a reason
men can just plain be

     Where's the salt and pepper
     Get me the butter and bread

I know you're hiding whiskey

     Mind your own damned business

mama, mother, mom
strongest in the lot

Might we discuss
the shocking notion
that tender is not weak?

Inheritance denied.

The looks I feel I get if I cut a cake maybe bake
shit my shame comes easy

I think my sisters
see in me
a leaning pane of glass
propped against the wall
gently move me to a safer place

want to shatter just to make them bleed
laugh at all the red
whistle as I


take your trenchcoat
lined with watches

find yourself another mark

I've seen your ism wares firsthand
don't peddle me my own

Last night after dreaming
these words came from my pen:

she was
     sleight of hand